• Created Spawned Event
  • Created latestSpawnedObject
  • Improved Pooling System!
    • Before spawn US checks if the pool is being used and if it was created (prevent errors if a pool is created during gameplay)
    • Before get next object in pool, check if the pool still exists
    • Fixed errors at the pooling system if a pool object was destroyed
    • If for some reason US is using pooling and poolMaxSize < poolSize we set poolMaxSize to poolSize + 1 to prevent errors
    • PoolObject script (for now it just alert the player that the object was destroyed)
  • Added Center as a screen based SpawnPoint
  • Changed namespace from UltimateSpawner to UltimateSpawnerSystem
  • Added help link
  • US now count spawns
  • Fixed errors caused by UltimateLog and USSetup.cs on build process
  • Improved gizmos to work with custom position
  • Created another vector3 to use with screenbased cases

Known bugs:

  • For some reason screen-based spawnpoints aren't working on mobile (solved)


UltimateSpawner-v0.2.5.unitypackage 34 kB
Sep 15, 2018

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